What have I done

I can't knit an entire sweater on US5s and US7s. Jeez. I knit for 7.5 hours, and I have 5.75" to show for it.

I calculated that I need to finish the back and front in four days each, and each of the sleeves in 3 days. That'll leave 2 days for blocking and seaming, with 1 day in case of emergencies. That means 5.25" per day on the back and front.

That's barely what I did today, and I didn't even have to go to class or do any sort of work.

This is insane. I feel like I've set myself up for failure.

Looks like crap, right? Like nothing.

A little better.

My one saving grace will be the fact that the top quarter of the sweater is knit in the lace pattern. I cover more space with less rows in the lace, meaning I'll get more done.

Already I've hit a couple snags, coming up one stitch short (I fudged that one and I can't even tell). Also, the needle has slipped out of the work a couple times. I hate using metal needles for laceweight, but I didn't want to spend money on new needles.

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