The City of the Day is...

Odessa, Ukraine.

Grumperina's pattern

I'm using the recommended Cashsoft DK because I had it lying around. I'm using US5 DPNs (instead of the US4 and US6) because I had them lying around. This is an impulse hat, seeing as how the pattern just went live today. I was going to use some really cute beads, but they're too small. Instead, I have an embellishment idea, but I'm going to keep quiet about it in case it fails. Which it inevitably will. But at least I will save myself some embarrassment.

Reason number 2 why Odessa is the city of the day: We watched Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin in one of my film classes. I feel a little more erudite having seen it, especially the oft-homaged Odessa stairs sequence.

I like how my grey hat reflects the black and white nature of the film.

Lame, eh? That's the best comparison I could come up with. My hat is soft and easy--overall, comforting. The film is disquieting, and the montage sequences require me to pay attention. Yeah, there's nothing.

I love everything about this yarn--the feel, the color, the shine--except it PILLS as I knit with it. I'm glad I'm making it into a hat, and not a garment that would experience a lot of friction, like a sweater might.

I'm hoping to have this finished by Friday.

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