My love for Ze Frank's daily truth segments and my love for knitting collide!


FO Stands for Failed Operation

My life is apparently one giant stitch 'n botch.

More than a month after the fact, I present my failed Aimee:

I haven't even knit the collar or woven in the last few ends. I tried it on, and it makes my torso look even shorter and chunkier than it normally looks. That's why you're getting the hanger-only shot. Blah.
Pattern: Aimee from Rowan Vintage Style, designed by Kim Hargreaves
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Laceweight
Modifications: Lengthened the body. Eliminated the ribbon thing.
Thoughts: I really wish this fit. Maybe when I lose 10 more pounds. If I had thought about it, I would have done a unified edging thing: the bottom hem is picot, the sleeves have garter stitch, and the neck is reverse St st; I should have just done everything garter stitch, which would have eliminated that pain-in-the-ass hem.

And for Shedir:

Pattern: Shedir for Knitty, designed by Jenna Wilson.
Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft DK in Thunder, 1 ball + some more
Modifications: Knit on US5 DPNs; did 7 pattern repeats and 4 pattern row repeats.
Thoughts: This is a clever pattern, and I like clever patterns. As I mentioned in a previous post, I stupidly used the wrongest yarn that ever wronged for this pattern; my cables are too messy as a result. If I were to do it again, I'd twist the cable stitches for better definition. I guess the biggest thought I'm having now is how I'll never wear this hat, because of the point at the top. One person on Craftster said she made this hat using 7 body repeats, and she didn't say anything about a pointy top, so I figured it would be okay. It's not. This hat actually fits me, unlike Odessa, but the point. Yuck. Between Odessa and Shedir, I spent $19 on yarn for hats that I'll never wear. Maybe sometime I'll frog them and make a 3/4 sleeve OSW or something.

This is so disheartening, to have so many FOs that I'll never wear. Like I said before, I'm really hoping Demi will turn out nice so I'll have motivation to keep on knitting.