Now This is Just Getting Gratuitous

Every time I finish a block of knitting, I take a picture.

(The splotches are from where I sprayed it).

I thought this picture was important, though, to show that my underarm sections are not as wing-like as others. In the Craftster KAL, people had been worried that there would be too much fabric, and it would be bunchy. Mine looks normal, except for that waist. I'll have to borrow a corset from work in order to wear it.

I've been blocking (misting and pinning) this thing every single time I put it down. The lace pattern refuses to lay flat, so I'm going to have to beat it into submission. The good part is that the body grows a little bit every time I block it. I'm up to 13.5" from the fold line to the sleeve shaping. Definitely a good thing, although it'll be tricky to make sure the front part grows as much as the back has.

Tomorrow I'll need to knit 4.25" in order to stay on schedule. I also need to write my paper tomorrow. Oops.

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