The Stash

Araucania Nature Cotton. This is going to become the sweater worn by the Rachel McAdams character in Wedding Crashers (the only palatable thing about that movie, might I add).

Cascade 220. I bought this on a whim because it was on sale. The pink and some of the blue-grey have become a One Skein Wonder, and the rest of the blue-grey and some of the oatmeal have become a soon-to-be-finished felted bag. No plans yet for the rest of it.

Rowan Cashsoft DK. Bought with the intention of making a 3/4 sleeve OSW with some sort of fancy stitch pattern. This yarn is so incredibly soft. The picture is pretty true to the actual color; it's a gorgeous graphite, and very shiny. I'm scared to touch this yarn because it's so incredible. I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

Handpaintedyarn.com Laceweight in Cinnabun. I bought this for a Butterfly. The picture on the website had much more pink in it, and I'm still coming to terms with the orange. I have one frill done. This is such a gorgeous pattern; I need to finish it soon. My guilty pleasure is smelling this yarn. It smells weird, but good.

Mystery cotton from Michael's. These were in a clearance bin for $3 each. They had no labels. I liked the colors. I'm thinking about making this into a OSW, alternating the yarn every stitch. I have a love-hate relationship with variegated yarn; it looks so pretty in the skein, but I hate the way it looks knit up. I'm hoping alternating the yarns will break up some of the weird variegated aspects.

Kathmandu Aran. Enough for a Demi. I think the yarn kind of looks like guacamole, one of my favorite foods.

Katia Ingenua. I bought this to make this scarf from the fall 05 Vogue Knitting, but the stupid magazine listed the wrong yardage and so I didn't buy nearly enough. I don't really like mohair, which is why this yarn has been sitting around. I might attempt a shorter, narrower version of this scarf. (I don't want to call it a shawl, because I don't wear shawls. Little old ladies wear shawls. I wear scarfs.)

Takhi Kerry, a 50% wool/50% alpaca blend. For being half alpaca, this yarn is not that soft. This is the conversation that ensued in the LYS:
Me: Mom! A yarn! With my name! My name!
Mom: Ooooh, my favorite color.
Me: My name!
Mom: I think this means you have to get it.
Me: Damn you.
So now I have 2 skeins that I'm not really sure what to do with. I kind of want to resize this hat from the fall 05 Interweave Knits so it's big enough for me. Here is what was written on one website about this yarn: Kerry has a wonderful hand and is a pleasure to work with. Damn right I'm a pleasure to work with.

Manos del Uruguay in Bramble (variegated) and Coffee (solid). This was going to be a felted bag, but I decided I didn't like it and it was frogged. I have no plans for this.

Misti Alpaca Laceweight. This is for Aimee.

More Misti Alpaca Laceweight. This was bought as an alternative for the scarf/shawl posted above, but again, not enough yardage. No project in mind yet.

Handpaintedyarn.com - Paris Night. Not sure of the weight on this one. This was bought to make a cabled cardigan. Now I'm thinking of this one from Vogue Knitting Holiday 05, but with smaller bobbles.

And now for my current WIP: Knitty's/Stefanie Japel's Cathode

Please ignore my face. I'm using Kathmandu Aran (same as that green yarn pictured above). It's very soft on the reverse stockinette side, and somewhat scratchy on the stockinette side. I modified this pattern for gauge, and I plan on adding long sleeves. This picture is actually a few days old, and I'm almost ready to start the lower body ribbing.

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