Don't think that I'm above making French puns with pattern names. Just wait 'til I knit Aimée.

So you can't even really tell there's a pattern going on in that photo. It's a little better in real life. Basically I have half a pattern repeat (AKA a demi-repeat) done on one sleeve. Yeah, it looks like a pile of wool guacamole in that picture.

I'm kind of sort of thinking of joining the Demi KAL, since I've been following those blogs since the KAL started (I'm a hardcore Demi fan). I just don't like being chained down to a KAL. I also don't like the fact that when I inevitably place the project on the back burner, I have something of a written contract (albeit documented in electrons) laughing at me, for all to see.

I really need to find a solution for photographing my knits. There's no place in my apartment that allows for me to get far enough away from the item so the flash doesn't wash everything out. I want to be able to focus on the details. Grar.

I'm going to be in the car for a good 5 hours over the next few days, so hopefully I'll get a little more done. I'm still grasping to my previously-stated dream of having a sleeve done before the Knitting Olympics start.

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