Kate, the Cat with no Britches...and a Frowl

(Causation, or mere correlation?)

Yes, with the season premiere of American Idol. I'm lame. Shut up.
Pattern: Kate from Knitty, designed by Jess Hutchison.
Yarn: Lion Brand Microspun
Modifications: Knit on size US5 needles with a sport weight yarn. Pantsless. Frowl.
Thoughts: I did the body, ears, and arms in 2 days. Then I waited 3 weeks and did the legs. Now I can finally give it to Talia. I originally promised her a scarf for Christmas 04, but I hate scarves. The low angle is not a good one for Kate, or at least when I do a crummy job stuffing her.

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diosaperdida said...

WOW..you are extremely hard on yourself. Please give yourself a break. There are so many people that cant make anything. At least you have FO's, and to my eye, they look very pretty. I like your "Kate", as well as your "Odessa", especially.