Shut Up, Me

I started my Cash Iroha hat and got a few inches in before I decided I hated it. Initially I had a fibergasm over the Iroha, until I actually started knitting with it. The more I knit, the more it felt like that Lion Brand imitation mohair. Yuck. I also don't like thick & thin, and I also don't like singles. I designed a couple motifs to start over with, but nothing felt like I would like it long enough to knit it and then wear it next winter (because it's already too warm for a stranded Cash Iroha hat).

My last two posts have been about projects that I've given up on. I should really not mention any projects until I've gotten a significant amount done. I feel somewhat embarrassed, posting about stuff and then giving up.

So, completely ignoring that last sentence, I'm casting on for Knitty's Shedir, which I've wanted to knit for a long time. I'm using Rowan Cashsoft DK from the stash, in Thunder (you may remember me from such projects as Grumperina's Odessa). I'm using size US5 DPNs, since I don't want to buy size 3s. I'm going to eliminate a pattern repeat, so hopefully everything will work out well. Pleeeeeeease, let everything work out well. I want a new hat for Monday.

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