Demi Again

Nearly a year later...
Demi - back
A blurry photo is better than no photo at all. It turns out that a blurry photo is also much better than the effort required to take a better photo at 3am. Ergo...yes.

I decided to make the back plain because it would go more quickly and I found it more aesthetically pleasing. I hope to finish this piece in the next few days. (I actually put off knitting to redo my header and update all the various HTML issues with this blog. Now that I'm done, can I say: so gorgeous. I can't stop looking at it.) I want to finish the entire thing before I go to Paris. I have just over a month. Can I do it?

The color in this photo is much more accurate than in any of the previous photos.

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Purlygirly said...

Since I am seeing your blog in IE (v 6 no less since work won't upgrade) I thought I would let you know that I have to scroll way over to see the content of your blog. It's as if the Prolix Knits graphic isn't on top of the content like it should be.

Hope it helps! Beautiful hat and sweater!